267. This expression.

266. Hair porn in Presenting Lily Mars.

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That’s right…it’s time for me to be a nag again…I can’t think of all of them by myself! Feel free to send more than one submission.

265. You Know You’re a Judy Fan When: Sometimes you’re filled with the overwhelming desire to hug her.

264. Her friendship with Lauren Bacall.
↳Submitted by wild-blooms

263. She’s Dorothy.
↳Submitted by Alex

262. The bloopface.
↳ Submitted by MOHE

Is there a way to get those photos without the words on them? I LOVE your page. :)

Thank you, kind Anon!

If you’re talking about specific ones, let me know which photos you want without the edits over them and I’ll post them for you.

I’m you mean generally, a lot of these can be found on Tumblr and with a Google search. :)

261. Her eyebrows, especially in “It Only Happens When I Dance with You”.
↳ Submitted by MOHE

260. This shot.